Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How much are shipping charges?
A. We have exclusive agreements with all major shipping companies and pass them to our customers without any upcharge. Please contact us for estimated charges to destinations where you usually ship.
Q. Do you charge for packaging materials?
A. We include an allowance for packaging materials in our order rate. We do charge extra for packaging requirements that exceed our allowance.
Q. Is your warehouse climate controlled?
A. Our warehouse is kept above 60° F and is Department of Health certified for the storage of supplements and enterals.
Q. Do you require dock appointments?
A. No, we have 3 docks and can accommodate flexible delivery schedules.
Q. I ship to retail outlets as well as consumers. Can you handle that?
A. We do multi-channel fulfillment for our customers and can support API-based data interchange. Please call us to discuss any requirements you consider special.
Q. Can you automate the interface between my shopping cart and your system?
A. Yes, our IT staff provides this interface to those customers that either do not have staff or elect to outsource. We support direct integration with most common shopping cart systems and are capable to implement custom integration if needed.
Q. Can you interface with my accounting system?
A. We can provide output files for most of today's commonly used accounting systems.
Q. Is there material you won't handle?
A. Yes, we will not handle things considered hazardous, indecent, or illegal. We will also not handle living things or weapons.
Q. What is your shipping cycle?
A. Our goal is to fulfill all orders within one business day. Orders received before noon Monday through Friday are usually shipped the same day. If an order is received after noon, but must ship the same day, priority accommodations can be made.
Q. Do you develop and/or maintain web stores and sites?
A. Working through our affiliates we can direct and support a full range of functions including: web site development, storefront or shopping cart development, merchant accounts etc.
Q. What are your policies regarding client information?
A. Client information is NEVER divulged. We will happily sign any non-disclosure agreements or similar instruments to guarantee this.
Q. What are your prices?
A. Due to the wide variety of products and their unique fulfillment requirements it is impractical for us to quote a price without knowing something of your business. Please contact us so that we can discuss this. Even if you do not choose our business we promise that you will learn something valuable form talking to our very knowledgeable staff.
Q. You are located in the Northeast, how does that effect you delivery times to the rest of the country?
A. We reach most of the country's population within three days via UPS ground, Priority mail is one to three days and first class is three to five.
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