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1. Affords you the time to focus on core business concerns.
Needless to say, managing a business, no matter how small it is, is time consuming. You need to manage the inventory, take and record orders, pick the products from your storage, and pack and send these out every single day. If you opt to enlist the services of Maven Fulfilment, these tedious tasks will no longer be your responsibility.
2. Maintaining a dedicated staff will no longer be necessary.
A staff solely designated to handle order fulfillment may just become redundant so if you've been looking to cut down on operational expenses, then you might just be able to do so. If you choose the expertise of Maven Fulfillment, you will no longer have to handle payroll and take care of worker benefits hence saving you resources. If you're a one-person type of operation, this freedom and flexibility is even more crucial to you! You can actually expand and grow your business WITHOUT taking on any employees whatsoever!
3. Cheaper shipping costs could be made possible.
One way you can considerably slash your prices would be to take advantage of lower shipping rates, something which the right fulfillment house can provide you. Maven Fulfillment regularly ships items by the bulk so we have negotiated discounted rates from courier services as well as Fed Ex and UPS.
4. Significant savings on shipping materials can be obtained.
Packaging materials are another regular expense and if you're doing your business' order fulfillment, then perhaps you're buying the required packaging materials from neighborhood stores, retail chains, etc.. Needless to say, buying all those boxes, adhesive tapes, and bubble wraps is not only inconvenient, but you are also paying for them at much higher rates simply because you are purchasing them at various retail locations. If you choose Maven Fulfillment services, then the savings we obtain from procuring shipping paraphernalia by the truckload will be passed on to you in the form of cheaper prices of these materials.
5. Cyclical or Uneven Sales
If the number of orders you process fluctuates throughout the year, it probably doesn't make sense for you to commit to running and staffing your own warehouse. Maven Fulfillment will be able to adapt to your needs. Outsourcing order fulfillment helps you avoid the need to hire and train temps or buy new scales, lifts, or the like. Instead, you simply need to ensure that the product is in our warehouse and trust us to fill your orders. This allows you to have complete seasonal flexibility and when holiday sales are rolling in, we manage the surge for you. When sales are slower in January, there is no idle equipment - or excess employees to let go.
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